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Child Custody


When you face a child custody conflict, having the right attorney can make the difference, Child custody is likely to be the biggest component
of issues between parents who break up. How each parent approaches the case can have the largest impact on the Court’s decision.

Co-Parenting Plans

Here at Camaur Crampton Family Law, we do everything we can to work towards co-parenting so that you and the other parent can work together to develop a plan that ensures security and stability for your children.

To do that, you have to set your anger aside and treat each other with respect; you can’t take the attitude, “I’m right and the other parent is wrong.” Our goal is protect the children from the adult disagreements by encouraging you to present a united front. No matter what relationship you and your spouse have, you remain linked through your children. When attending school plays, soccer games, graduations and weddings, hostility between parents creates anxiety and an embarrassing situation for the children. Moreover, daily life with hostile parents can cause great emotional and psychological distress on the children.

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Solutions for Your Family

At Camaur Crampton Family Law, we’ve handled hundreds of family law cases. Our clients get our expertise and experience to work towards the best solution for their family. We recognize that each family is different. But our knowledge of the process and court system can help you to reach a solution that meets your family’s emotional, financial and physical needs – and allows you to take on the future with hope.


When co-parenting is not possible, we provide top notch representation to aggressively and compassionately present your case. Custody issues are difficult for everyone – especially the children. Camaur Crampton Family Law, PC designs a child custody strategy that focuses on how our client’s position better meets the best interests of the children.

For Compassionate, Aggressive and Strategic representation, having the Right Attorneys makes the Difference.

Hiring The Right
Lawyers Makes The Difference