3 Tips to Get Control of Your Life During a Divorce

Hi. I’m Liz Camaur, founder of Camaur Crampton Family Law. I’m a California certified family law specialist and I’ve been representing clients in divorce since 1993. When facing a divorce, you should consult with a trusted and knowledgeable family law attorney to gain perspective on the issues that will impact your family’s future, and having the right […]

Benefit of Prenup with Estate Planning

Hi, I’m Liz Camaur from Camaur Crampton Family Law. I’m going to go over with you the top reasons for having a prenuptial agreement in your estate planning. We’re all familiar with the term of a prenuptial agreement in terms of when there’s a divorce. As we know, many hostilities arise over financial issues. And people […]

Having the Right Attorneys Makes the Difference

Are you in a toxic marriage? Are you ready for a divorce now? If you’re going through a divorce, you deserve top, high-powered litigators that strategize for your goals. Don’t let your world crumble around you. Hire the best attorneys at Camaur Crampton Family Law. When you go through a divorce, your top priorities are […]

Court Ordered Family Court Services Mediation in California

I’m Liz Camaur at Camaur Crampton Family Law. At Camaur Crampton Family Law, we provide both litigation and mediation services. Litigation is when we advocate for one side. We provide legal advice, and we fight for the client in court proceedings. When we litigate, and we represent one side, we can still work on settling the […]