If Facing A Divorce: Information Early On Can Prevent Serious Issues Later

Ignorance is Bliss? If divorce is even a remote possibility—Consult with a family law attorney to gain perspective on issues that affect your family’s future. By Elisabeth Camaur, Attorney Every relationship goes through ups and downs, but when every day seems like a downer—it may be time to get information on precautionary measures in case […]

Daily Journal on November 29, 2010- published Camaur’s Article Child Custody: Avoiding Conflict During Holiday Season-Reprinted &/or posted with the permission of Daily Journal Corp.(2010)

Avoiding Conflict During the Holiday Season In the world of family law, holidays can be especially stressful. Clients in the midst of litigation over child custody are faced with the uncertainty and changes of divided holiday share time. Parents, who intend to provide their children with a joyful holiday, instead quickly succumb to the pressure […]