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Christine - Best Divorce attorney around

Camaur Crampton Family Law have been my attorneys for over 4 years now with a very complicated issue regarding reimbursements and attorneys fees that were owed to me from my divorce back in 2009. We have won every time in court because they truly know what they are doing and will always look out for your best interest. It was so nice to have them as attorneys who were so smart and skilled that they were able to comprehend and process some complicated issues with my divorce. They are focused, smart, compassionate, polite and strong. They are compassionate and classy in their dealings with everyone concerned. I am so proud to have them as my attorney as I feel like they are always fair and rational when they are dealing with opposing counsel. They are the best of the best and I really wish I would have retained them from the very beginning of my divorce. They will stick with you and simplify very complicated situations that may come up during hearings or negotiations. I highly recommend them!


I had the pleasure of meeting with Camaur Crampton Family Law when I requested a consult due to my negative experience with a law firm that I had already retained. My case was different than a regular child support case because I have a disabled adult son, over the age of 18. Where the other law firm was doing online research about this and excessively charging me, Camaur Crampton Family Law was well-versed in the special code that California has regarding this issue. And rather than urge me to immediately sign up with them, they advised that I contact a NY family law attorney, since I was planning on a move to NY. They wanted me to be sure that whatever support I receive would transfer to NY. The other law firm had never mentioned this. They were also able to alert me to the possibility that if I proceeded with obtaining support from my son’s father, that my son could possibly lose his SSI and medical benefits due to the support counting as his income. The other law firm had made no mention of this, despite having a copy of my Income & Expense Declaration, which clearly noted the SSI. They advised that I contact Social Security. In doing so, I found out that, indeed, my son’s state benefits would be at risk by proceeding with obtaining support. So in one consult, they saved me thousands and thousands of dollars, as well as much time and energy. In addition, they were kind and compassionate regarding my son’s brain injury, even providing me with a referral where I could obtain information about programs for him. I cannot say enough positive things about Camaur Crampton Family Law. They are intelligent, confident, compassionate and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a family law attorney.

Cindi - Very Aggressive and Persistent In Helping Clients

Camaur Crampton Family Law represents their clients in an aggressive manner without over-litigating. They have a great reputation because they are smart, experienced and truly charismatic. They have an incredible courtroom presence and are fast on their feet. They handled my case very efficiently and aggressively. I wouldn’t hire another family lawyer.

Jeremy - Excellent Family Law Attorney

Camaur Crampton Family Law is an extremely knowledgeable and capable family law firm. They are sensitive to family issues, especially those concerning what is best for the children. They are concerned only with resolving issues and are straight to the point. My experience has only been positive and quickly concluded the issues pertaining to my situation. I would highly recommend Camaur Crampton Family Law.

Lawrence - Very kind and compassionate.

This firm helped me get through my divorce and actually cares what my goals and dreams are unlike my past attorneys. I highly recommend this firm!!!

Bailey - They are so helpful, so kind, and incredibly reassuring.

So I had been researching local divorce attorneys to assist in a child custody issue that arose after my divorce was finalized. After calling and speaking with multiple firms, I decided on a consultation with Camaur Crampton Family Law for numerous reasons. First, they answer calls in a timely manner, and they are SO. FRIENDLY! Family law is tough, and I dread having to deal with this nightmare but talking to the staff at Camaur Crampton makes it easier. They are so helpful, so kind, and incredibly reassuring. I met with Liz Camaur for my consultation and she was fantastic. She did not give me generic information like my prior firm - she ensured I was heard, asked the right questions, and by the end of the consult she had laid out a step-by-step plan, which I really appreciated. Her firm has kept me in the loop and when I reach out with questions or ask for updates they always get back to me quickly.

William - Thumbs up!

This firm actually calls you back! After messaging quite a few law firms in Orange County over the holidays this was the only firm that returned my call and helped guide me in my search for assistance. Whoever I spoke to (Can't recall their name unfortunately) even called me back to see how I was doing. You don't see that very much these days. 2 Thumbs up!

Trixie- They are the BEST!

They are the BEST! Divorce is pretty scary especially when my kids were involved. Camaur Crampton Family Law was amazing. I have met with a lot of divorce lawyers, they provided me with the best advice and fought for me and my kids.I couldn't be happier with the results. One important thing: listen to their advice. When I didn't, I had problems.

Carmen - This firm is truly top notch and WORTH IT!

This firm is truly top notch and WORTH IT! I made the mistake of going to a different firm initially and their lack of response and terrible strategies made my situation worse. When I found Liz and her team, I realized how much cost and issue I could have avoided if I had just gone with Camaur Crampton, the best of the best. Having been in an extremely volatile and difficult separation, I needed all the assistance I could get. Beyond the great legal advice and case handling, merely the support I received from this firm was incredible. At no point did I feel like I was alone in this. Every call, text and email was responded to - they never made me feel like they didn't have time for my questions or concerns. I felt heard, and they explained every process and step along the way. This kind of support is invaluable when you are someone whose life has been turned upside down by divorce proceedings. Really grateful for everyone here.

George - Client

Camaur Crampton Family Law is a “top-flight” family law attorney firm. They are kind, caring and compassionate and are “thoroughly” familiar with family law. If children are involved, their overall welfare is of premier importance. Camaur Crampton Family Law returns all my calls, texts, or emails in a prompt, timely manner. They answer all my questions to my fullest satisfaction. If your case warrants going to court, they represent you with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism. They come with my highest endorsement.

Steve - Best Family Law Attorney

Camaur Crampton Family Law represented me in my divorce and custody issues. They were extremely compassionate and knowledgeable. They were very creative in trying to settle the case. When the other side was unreasonable and emotional, they were amazing in the courtroom and really knew how to protect my rights. I cannot imagine a better professional to handle these emotional issues. While their hourly rate was actually higher than the other attorney, they were so efficient that my fees were less than my spouse’s fees in the end. If you have a family law problem, they are the best one to handle it. They look after their clients and the children in the case.

Donna - Top Family Law Lawyer

Camaur Crampton are wonderful attorneys for divorce and child custody. They are experienced, very intelligent and really care about their clients. My lawyer was able to settle most of our issues (and I got a lot more than I expected). When we had to go to court, they were well-prepared, and their presentation of my case was amazing.

Mike - Tough, But Compassionate

Camaur Crampton Family Law represented me in a very hostile child custody move-away case. I had a prior attorney who did not seem to care and was not protecting my rights. They were straight shooters all the way. They told me what to expect and were very thorough. The only glitches in the case came when I did not follow their advice. And, even then, they got me through it and I ended up with a better custody situation for the kids and me. They are extremely professional and caring. Custody battles are very emotional and trying. They protected me throughout the very difficult process and fought for my rights like no one else.

John - The Best Attorney For Divorce And Custody Cases

I had a very messy and hostile divorce case. Our case involved very complicated financial issues and a very emotional child custody dispute. Camaur Crampton Family Law was extremely knowledgeable and professional. They were compassionate professionals. When we had to go to court, they had complete control over the proceedings, were thorough, well-prepared and eloquently argued my case. They also worked diligently to settle many of the issues out of court.They came up with very creative solutions to our seemingly unresolvable issues. If you have to go through a family law case, you want Camaur Crampton Family Law representing you.

Rich - Camaur Crampton Family Law

During my divorce and child custody case there was a lot of litigation. Camaur Crampton Family Law took over my case and there was a HUGE difference. I am so happy I hired them. The results were more than I expected.

Tatiana -I highly recommend anyone who is going through a family law matter

I contacted this firm to see if they can assist with some remaining questions I had on my legal matter. The receptionist was very kind and helpful. I was able to get through and speak with an attorney within an hour of initially calling. I was able to get all my questions answered and the attorney also provided some insight that I was not aware of which made me feel more informed and confident about my case. The professionalism and information provided to me was far superior compared to the attorneys I have worked with in the past. I highly recommend anyone who is going through a family law matter to give them a call.

Julian -I cannot speak enough about the value of going with this Law Firm.

I cannot speak enough about the value of going with this Law Firm. My divorce from 2010 was still on-going and this firm helped me get to the finish line. Worth every penny. The paralegal team is awesome by the way, always answered my calls or called me back immediately.

Cory - The team at this firm is top-notch.

The team at this firm is top-notch. They cleared up all my questions regarding my Divorce (married over 20 years) and the process was transparent, the attorney and paralegal assigned to me kept me in the loop during the entire process. Definitely recommend!

Jenn- This firm is the best!

This firm is the best! My divorce ended up so much better than I thought. My ex was trying to get support and a part of my business. He ended up paying me!!!

Sandra - Such a great team of professionals to help me through this difficult time.

Alisa and Jennifer have been great in helping me with any questions I have had and in the legal process I am involved in. They are very kind and great in getting things done and communicating with me. I am very grateful that I am working with such a great team of professionals to help me through this difficult time.


My divorce was finalized in 2017. There was an aspect of my Dissolution of Marriage that required Ms. Camaur's immediate professional expertise and attention, in order for there to be FULL closure in 2021. Upon my request and, per her usual, Ms Camaur immediately intervened and corresponded with all the affected parties in bringing FINAL resolution to my problem! BRAVO! I would give her "ten" stars were it possible. Liz comes with my HIGHEST endorsement. God bless the Camaur Crampton Family Law Firm!!

Larry - Ms. Camaur was extremely thorough and honest

I heard a radio ad recently about this firm and finally decided to reach out. I was very pleased with the professional and friendly demeanor of the entire staff. Due to Covid, their offices are working remotely, and I appreciated how they went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and provided a virtual option for all meetings. Ms. Camaur was extremely thorough and honest, while remaining sensitive to my particular issues. I had been shopping around speaking to different firms, and really did not feel the need to continue my search after speaking with her and her staff. I have already recommended this firm to a friend in need of Family Law services and will continue to do so in the future, should anyone I know need the services of a group of excellent attorneys.

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